Experience brings security

Over the years, the factory have produced close to 100,000 m³ of edge-glued pine boards as raw material for the furniture industry.

Our product concept has also expanded to include edge-glued spruce boards. The buyers of these are primarily, at the moment, based overseas.

When the current 3,000 m² of production premises were completed the highly automated production lines were renewed. These represent the best of the industry and enable an efficient and highly consistent production.

The annual capacity of the production lines is about 15,000 m³.
The lengths of the manufactured glue boards may vary, according to the customer’s requirements, between 900 – 2500 mm, and the thickness may be 5 – 45 mm. The quality classes are the normal A, B, C, or in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The raw material we use is from high-quality Finnish spruce and pine. Our factory also has a “pin machine” line with which we can finalise boards, in accordance with the dimensions provided by the customer.

Customers can order boards, either in bulk or we can pack boards individually in shrink wrap.
The factory has its own heating plant located next to the factory which we use for the grinding dust and chips that are created in the manufacture of the edge-glue boards. The grinding dust and chips that arise in the production are transferred through pipes to a press, in which they are pressed into briquettes and delivered to the heating plant as fuel. About 5000 m³ per year of briquettes are created as by-products. The 3 MW heating plant that operates with our own briquettes provides thermal energy to several industrial properties, as well as the district heating network of Savon Voima Oy. Excess briquettes not required by our own operations are sold onwards. You can inquire about the briquette by calling +358 400 217170.

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